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5 Photos That Will Inspire you To Visit Myanmar

Myanmar, or Burma as it was referred to for many many years, (but it’s actually Myanmar now, I promise) rises to the top of many traveler’s lists. And for good reason.

The country boasts a flavor especially unique among it’s South East Asia neighbors. While many of the countries in South East Asia are, for lack of a better phrase, same same but different. Myanmar is just, well, different.

Here are 5 photos that will make you want to put yourself on a plane there tomorrow.


You can’t mention Myanmar without invoking the idea of the ancient capital of Bagan. Waking up early to watch the flotilla of hot air balloons glide overhead just as the sun begins to rise creates a resplendent, if not indelible memory.



Along with Bagan, Inle Lake is the number two most visited location in Myanmar. And while most people are hell-bent on capturing that perfect photo of the Inle Lake fisherman for themselves, don’t overlook the fact that Inle Lake is home to a sprawling city complete with homes, stores, schools, gardens and monasteries.


Whether you’re watching people spit, stepping over spit, or just gazing at the blood red smiles from the affects of chewing betel nut spit, not a day goes by without encountering the effects of this questionable habit. And why not give it a go for yourself. You’d much rather say you did than live a lifetime of regret saying you didn’t.


One great part of traveling is just existing in a new location. No running off for a photo shoot at a famous location, tracking down the best restaurants or forcing yourself to cross the next thing off your to-do list. Simply walking through town and taking time to appreciate all that cool everyday “stuff” that so easily gets overlooked.



Myanmar is a young country with a majority of it’s population under the age of 30. So naturally there’s lots of kids. Like, they’re everywhere. But it’s totally cool because these kids are awesome and you never have to take them home with you. So your free to say plenty of “awwws” and and take just enough surreptitious photographs so as not to be featured on the next episode of To Catch a Predator. But seriously, take a trip outside the city for an inspiring look at youth.


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