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The human mind was created to dream. At some point in our lives, all of us, from the 15 year old paperboy to the Fortune 500 CEO have spent part of our day drifting off into our imaginative and very bright futures.

And our dreams are important. It’s the reason we start businesses, join political campaigns and chase pretty girls. It’s all done with the hope that our future, better selves will be a direct consequence of the actions we take today.

Yet as fun as it is sitting in our cubicles with our first cup of coffee imagining ourselves sailing across the Caribbean, we know it’s foolish to think that any of it will come without any serious effort. A dull and ill-researched business plan will see no more success than the “hey!” text you sent to the cute girl on Tinder.

Let’s be honest. It would be disingenuous of me to pretend that with enough time and effort you too can quit your job and retire to your Miami Beach mansion. Eghhh, sorry Hans. Realistically, there’s a really good chance you just can’t.

But the good news is that for all the millions of people who aren’t dating supermodels and loosing track of all the zeros in their bank account, there are millions more who are accomplishing their dreams. These are the people getting in shape, climbing out of debt, kicking ass at work, or putting a down payment on a new home. These people have taken the initiative to transform their dreams into goals.

For me, that dream was to travel. And it was about the time that I was driving my $800, 1992 Subaru station wagon down the New Zealand coastline that my dream of world travel became my goal.

Since that time four years ago on an island tucked away in a corner of the South Pacific, I have worked in three different countries and travelled to over 20. While I’m hardly the world’s most storied globe-trotter, I can happily say that I feel accomplished in what I set out to do.

Oh, I’m Josh by the way. I write the stuff here.

This is what I look like.... usually.
This is what I look like…. usually.

Let’s change gears just a bit.

Along with my interest in travel, my love for personal finance often feels like the suit and tie professional counterpart to my bohemian habit. I get excited for the opportunity to explain compound interest and IRA’s to working holiday backpackers. Weird, I know. Sitting down with a latte and updating Excel equations to more accurately explain my spending habits actually sounds like an interesting morning. Maybe it’s just a strange way of justifying all the money I spend of beer.

In any case, welcome to my blog: an alliance between two very different ideas that will help you turn your travel dreams into financial goals.

So, what exactly IS thebrokenlife.com?

Primarily, this blog is a detailed report of how I spent my money traveling abroad. Knowin how much I spent on my adventures, along with my style of travel, will help you plan accordingly for upcoming trips. Trip reports will include average costs per day, average prices for accommodation, and typical prices for meals for specific countries. Subsequently, anyone looking to put together a budget for an upcoming trip will find pages like this this extremely useful.

Second, tips and tricks for travel hacking your way through expensive excursions on the cheap are good for any budget conscious traveler. For example, curious how you can beat the insanely expensive train to Macchu Picchu? Click here.

And finally, sometimes I just get bored of banging out the numbers and I’ll write lifestyle posts, photo essays, or just interesting and weird travel experiences. You can only do so much actual work, right?

What kind of questions does this blog address?
  • If I quit my job and sold everything, how long could I travel?
  • I want to spend two months in Thailand. How much money do I need?
  • How can I get to Macchu Picchu for like, really, really, cheap?
  • I have $800 to my name. Can I travel to Bolivia? Hint: Probably, yes.


What kind of questions won’t be answered on this site?
  • Can I travel with my cats?
  • Why are there so many hippies in ___________?
  • At what level is my wine habit considered “problematic?” (This blog will tell you how much it will cost in Argentina, however)

So here it is. My online project that details how much I spend on my adventures so you can budget accordingly for yours. Grab a cup of coffee and click through. I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading as I did creating.