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How Much I Spent – Thailand

As always, check out my about page to see how I generally spend my money.

And so let’s get right to it. I spent 24 days in Thailand doing the typical backpacker circuit, dividing my time equally between the North and the South. Here’s how I spent dem monies. Prices quoted in Thai Baht and US Dollars.

**Like all my budget breakdowns, I did not include the price of flights. That cost is totally subjective and obviously depends on your place of origin. But! Looking for cheap flights? Start here.**

Date of travel: February 2016
Total spent: $825.22
Total days: 24
Average cost per day: $34.38
Exchange Rate: 1USD = 33.35 Thai Baht

Of course, simple percentages are pretty boring. Let’s dig a little deeper.


Dorm rooms, like just about anywhere, are still the cheapest option. Typically I shared a standard private room with a friend. Sometimes we had air-conditioning but despite its rarity found our rooms surprisingly comfortable. I took a night train and two night ferries, slightly reducing the average cost of accommodation per night.

Avg. cost per night: $7.48 | ฿250


Long and slow is the name of the game. For the most part, trains and boats got us to our destination. Flying was usually just too expensive. And a great travel tip for traveling Thailand! Night trains and ferries are a great way to save the cost of a hotel and get to your destination, especially when ferrying between the mainland and the party islands on the East. A definite advantage for those with the time and wanting to save some money.

Avg. cost per day: $5.60 | ฿187



Food is wildly cheap in Thailand. Never cooked a meal (except for a day cooking class) and trolled street markets to I burst. Western food is always available, sometimes good, and noticeably more expensive. Breakfast was rarely included in the price of the room, so most days I paid for that too.

Avg. cost per day: $8.60 | ฿287


Several beers per day were the norm but kept the crazy nights out to a minimum. My mother would be proud. Like anywhere, buy your drinks at the convenience store and pre-game at the hostel. Way way cheaper than those western priced cocktails.

Avg. cost per day/night: $4.37 | ฿146


Sometimes I feel like a five year old. Give me a shiny ball and I’ll play with it for hours. Renting motorbikes and exploring caves, mountains and beaches was how I spent most of my days. Booze cruises, elephant camps and dive trips were just a bit to spendy for my shoe string budget. The average dive trip, for example, was approximately 70 USD. That’s, like, 50 big Changs.

Avg. cost per day: $5.59 | ฿186

ATM Fees

My bank sucks. Looking to change, stat. I’ve got a huge man crush on Charles Schwab.

Total over 28 days: $42.12 | ฿1,404


Thankfully only a few quick trip to the pharmacist for some pain pills and a bottle of shampoo kept this category low.

Total over 28 days: $12.43 | ฿415


Stuff I really don’t know how to categorize, sorry; like my laundry or that dapper haircut I got in Bangkok.

Total over 28 days: $11.16 | ฿372

And for anyone still not bored to tears, here’s an interactive breakdown of how much I spent per day.

Yeah. That last night ended up being a big night out in Patong Beach. What is it that those young kids say? Ah that’s right. YOLO.

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